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The days turned into weeks, which turned into months.  Before I knew it, six months had passed since I was at dads.  Both me and Saff had gotten promotions at work.  Georgia still working at city hall working her way up the political line was trying to get her boss interested in something she had written up at her work.  We only knew about tid bits of it as her boss is one of dads best friends.  This bill was supposedly about ghosts being forced to take ambrosia to be changed to a normal person.  I knew I should be scared of her taking a job in politics.

Thankfully her boss laughed her out of the room however she’s showed it to alot of other people and I think it’s getting a little recognition.  Dad is trying to get more information from her boss but he’s being slow on getting us any information.  My boss even pulled me into his office to express his sorrow at her paper and if it took effect he would have to fire me if I didn’t comply.  We get along, I did a good job and I’d even fought a couple of small fires now.  He knew I was more than able and he hated the thought of Georgia getting close to serious and him losing me.

Boy am I glad she doesn’t know about the families magic or we Sky’s would be banished from our home if she got her way.  Although I don’t use it much as I have alot to learn still and on top of that I am always at work, we don’t use magic in front of anyone so I do the little learning I can when I can.

In Sky news, well Jupiter has three children now.  It’s alot for him to handle but the science lab is being great giving him three months paid time off for all his hard work.  Cassie is four months pregnant with the her fella and Oberon’s missus (they got married two months ago) is expecting in 2 months.  So the family has gone baby crazy.  Thankfully Puck and Lyra haven’t done anything silly, dad would kill them.  The odd one out lately was me, although Saff has planned a big anniversary dinner (when he asked me out) date tonight.  I would be all for it if I could stop feeling sick of course.

You’ve been feeling sick for awhile now.

Tempest who is on the couch listening to the odd words I say for real whilst typing this can’t help not butting in.  “I usually feel fine as afternoon hits.”  I say aloud and obviously type for you.

How have you not figured out what that means yet?

“Don’t be stupid.”

Me stupid?  Thats a laugh.  Since when have you ever taken birth control?

“You know they don’t allow birth control in the Lakes.”

Yet it’s available from the right people.

“I can’t be pregnant!”

Do a test and prove me wrong.

“Alright then I will.”  I didn’t have any tests in the house I had to head into town to get one.  I started to head home after leaving the shop portal.

Don’t wait to do it.

“I’m not doing it in town, I want to be in my own home.”

Fine then.

“Just cause your willing to do your business anywhere.”

I’m supposed to be a dog, thats what they do.

“Any excuse.”  We went home and I went to the bathroom, it was getting late and I knew Saff would be home soon getting ready for our date tonight.  Through the bathroom door I could hear Tempest.


“Shut up it’s doing its thing.”

It shouldn’t take long.

“How do you know anything about pregnancy tests?”


She had an answer for everything.   But boy did I love her, and that includes her back talk.  It felt like home.  I of course stopped thinking about home as the pregnancy test revealed itself.  I just stared at it.  That couldn’t be…


“Shut up.”

I told you.

“Shut up!”  I just kept staring at it.  It must have been awhile as I heard Saff come in saying hello.

She’s in the bathroom.  I heard Tempest say.

He came to the bathroom door, “Dear are you alright?”

“Yes,” I squeaked.

“If you don’t feel well we can put it off.”  Had he noticed I felt ill lately too.  Ill such the wrong word.  I looked up at the mirror and the shock still plastered over my face.

“No I’m fine I just needed to freshen up.”

“OK.”  And with that I could hear him entering the bedroom.  I freshened up my face, splashing some water on it.  I’d tell him at dinner later.  I’d have to go to the doctors.  I’d have to find out how far along I was.  How had I not noticed my periods were late?  How far along was I?

He looked incredible at dinner that night and it was my favorite restaurant in town.  We made plenty of small talk, but after we finished dinner he looked into my glowing eyes.

“Thyone,” never good start to any sentence, “we’ve been going out for two years now, lived together for six months and I can’t think of a moment without you in my life.”  Oh my!  Was he going to!?

He got up and moved to the side of the table, I say he got up, he did stand up but then he got on one knee.  I stood up thinking no way!  “Thyone Sky, you are the stars that light my way home, you bring me such joy and happiness, would you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?”

I stood there, my heart could have stopped and the grim would have come if I wasn’t a ghost.  He wanted to marry me, why hadn’t I seen this coming?  I realised I was pausing on him again.  Smiling I said “Yes!”

I swear he had a sigh of relief, I had done it to him again.  I’d made him wait again, as I looked at the ring on my finger I knew he would  he would love my news.  He pulled me in for a hug and I whispered into his ear, “I’m pregnant.”

I never expected what happened next, Saff fainted.

 Authors note:  Ok so thats a couple of time jumps in a couple of chapters, unfortunately I think I’ve figured out my crashing problem and it seems to be Lunar Lakes, so I’ve written the whole of the first generation and there’s going to be a few more time jumps as I want to get Thyone’s tale told and well but it means getting right into the action and then moving onto the heir as quickly as possible.  The heir will stay in Lunar Lakes till 18 or nearly 18 and then the heir is going to move to Lucky Palms which I have tested for hours and hours and it didn’t crash, which means the next gen will most likely be longer as we help the heir find their place in the world.  I am sorry for the quick work on Thyone and Saff’s tale but its that or move them and ruin the plan for them.