1.6 Moving In

Two weeks after Saff moved in, at breakfast he brought up the subject I knew was playing on his mind.  “Your going to have to tell your dad you know.”

I looked at my spoon, we had had this conversation a few times and I kept telling him we would do it later.  Then I would come home exhausted from the fire house and I’d put it off again.  “I know.”

“You have a day off today we should go over.”  I know he meant well but dad had always been quiet protective over us girls, the lads could almost get away with murder but us girls well lets just say I wasn’t looking forward to it.

“I don’t know if I can face it.”

He looked at me, reached for my chin and let me look into his eyes.  “I’ll be there, it will be fine.” He smiled brightly, “It’s not like your pregnant, we’ve moved in together.”

I turned away, “No this is worse we’re living together without being married, dad is very old school since he got those memories.”  I looked back at him, “You remember what he was like the night of the formal dance.”  The look on Saff’s face said it all, I don’t think he ever got over that embarrassment.

“But your dad had children out of wedlock, he can’t be that old fashioned.”

“It’s different rules for his girls, I know he means well but it’s not fair that Jue doesn’t get into any real trouble living with Chrissie with a daughter not married.”

“I wouldn’t quite say he got away with that, I remember your dad going nuts at Jupiter and we had to go out to get away from all the shouting before Jupiter ran for the town.”  I looked back down at my cereal.

“I guess your right.  Maybe I just think he treats us girls differently.  But surely you’ve heard him going on at Cassie to find herself a fella.”

“Yeah but I think he wants more grandchildren.”

“He’s guaranteed at least twenty four grandchildren soon he’ll be swarming in them.”

“I know but you know how he dotes on Christa.”  I got a sudden influx of dad and Christa memories, he treated her like gold.  I can’t remember what he was like with us, but it made me happy to see him near her, I always wondered if he was that great with us at that age to.

“Your right, ok,” I hated it when he was right,  “we’ll take Tempest for a trip to see her mother.”

Mum?  Oh I’ve missed mum.

“You saw her two days ago.”  Tempest perked up of course at the subject of her mother, she tended to keep out of mine and Saff’s fairly serious conversations liking us both she never wanted to side with one or the other unless it was over the TV she always had something to say about what we watched or listened to.  If I’m honest I have no idea how she kept quiet sometimes she’s so opinionated.

What’s your point?

I didn’t have one really and she knew it, I just wanted to get out of this conversation really.   But the sooner the better really, we didn’t  want Saff’s parents telling mum thinking she knew already.  I fumbled around the house for another couple of hours before Saff put his foot down and we headed to mum and dad’s.

When we got there Tempest ran straight off for her mum and then made a bee line for Lyra.  I knew she missed her too.  It was one of the weirdest things when I moved out, having a bedroom to myself, bliss but strange.

Dad came up to hug me, “Hey kiddo how have you been?”

We hugged, “I’ve been great dad.”

“Hows the station?”

“Good, and yours?”  We moved towards the couch.

“Same old.”  We smiled, he always liked the fact I became a fire fighter, its something he wanted to do but being a cop was slightly better in his parents eyes so he did that instead.  He was good at it so he never regretted it.  “You got any news then?”

I looked at Saff who gave me a you’ve got to tell him look.  I held back a moment but knew I had to say it, I sat down taking as much time as possible, which was well no time.  “Well I guess I have some news.”

“Oh!”  Mum came downstairs and was hugging Saff now.

“Yeah umm… Well,” lord was I really like Saff when he asked me out right now?  “Saff moved in with me the other week.”  Dad’s face didn’t change.

“Is that so?”

I totally expected so much more.  I have to say I was slightly disappointed.   Mum came up asking for a hug and of course I complied.

“Hello dear.”

“Hi mum.”

“So did I hear you and Saff are finally living together?”  Now was my turn to look surprised?  Dad laughed at my face.

“You two have been inseparable for about two years now, I’m quite surprised you waited this long to move in together.”

“Well what did you expect me to say when I said I had news then?”  I asked half knowing the answer.

I could see it all over dad’s face and mum moved her finger a bit to show he meant an engagement ring.  I was shocked.  Why would they think that?  Alright I had thought about that but we had been taking it slow.  I couldn’t see Saff’s face who was sitting beside me but from the heat of his hand I got the idea he was blushing.  All that worrying about me moving in with Saff and they weren’t even bothered.

Puck came into the room then, “Dad can I go out and see Marta?”

“Yeah sure son, you two have fun.”

After he left I asked him who Marta was, “She’s a girl at the school just transfered in from Lucky Palms and Puck has taken it upon himself to show her about town.  He’s clearly sweet on her.  But I swear if he gets anyone pregnant before he’s 18 I’ll kill him.”  Dad still was obviously slightly annoyed at Jupiter but we all knew he didn’t mean it.

If only dad knew Lyra’s best friend Lila wasn’t in fact her friend, but her girlfriend.  She hadn’t had the guts to tell him yet and was often at my house so he didn’t quiz her on possible boyfriends.  They were nearly 16 now and I knew dad was dreading the day they moved out.

We stayed for a couple of hours and then headed home.  Tempest couldn’t wait to say something.

So went easier than you thought huh?

“I guess, but why would they expect us to be engaged?”  Sapphire looked all coy, like it was something he had considered but knew I wasn’t ready for.

Come on, why wouldn’t they, you two have been inseparable, you are like the perfect couple.

 I blushed, “There is no such thing as the perfect couple.”

“Why can’t there be dear?  Don’t we compliment each other beautifully?”

“I guess.  I don’t know I just….” Come on we just took a huge step three weeks ago.  Marriage was a huge step if not a jump.  “Marriage, isn’t that something old people do?”

“I don’t know I’ll ask Jupiter next time I see him,” Sapphire said in a jest type way.  “Romeo and Juliet were 13 when they got married.”

“That was like a million years ago and fiction.  Can we change the subject now?”

They both started talking about the latest movie then, the Lunar Avengers.  I couldn’t help but laugh along with them at Joss Weldon’s amusing take on our favorite comics.