1.5 Growing Up

The next year went past in a blur.  Jupiter and I turned 18 and moved out.  It was a good day.  Puck and Lyra were contemplating how to change their bedrooms into their own oasis’s now they had them to themselves.  Mum and dad never said it but I knew they wished we would stay, the house with four kids less and all of Jae’s babies gone too just felt empty to them.

I would have stayed but I knew I was going to the firehouse to start work, of course I had to go apply first but I was determined to get it and I didn’t want to be coming in at all times of the day or night possibly smelling of burning.  Alright, really I wanted to experience living alone after such a big household.  It’s quite refreshing actually, I know Tempest is here too but if I didn’t have her I would go stir crazy, she helps me from feeling too alone, her and the tv or radio.  I also didn’t want to keep waking Lyra up she’s such a light sleeper.  I was going to miss the noise and activity though.

I was right of course, the first week I couldn’t deal with the quiet and quickly found out leaving the radio on or the tv doing its thing in the background I felt a bit more like I was at home.  Boy did I miss the noise, Lyra always asking silly questions, and Puck calling her stupid.  I had Tempest to keep me company in those alone times and she was a great companion.  She can talk now but it’s not the same as having the 4 or 5 people around you always up to something.

I got the job at the fire house, they were reluctant at first but when I convinced the chief I couldn’t die from a fire, and I could be his best weapon in getting people out of harm he really couldn’t see any reason to say no.  He said I had to start at the bottom though which means I’m the water girl.  He said I couldn’t just go in saving people which was disappointing but I had to train hard to build up my muscles and I had to work hard in the fire house to show I  could do everything that didn’t include saving people.  I didn’t realise there was that much to do in a fire station, but I love it.

Jupiter went to work at the science facility and moved in with Chrissie. She had a baby last month. Jupiter was terrified to tell dad he got Chrissie pregnant before they turned 18 so well he didn’t, we had our birthday and the next day he told dad and ran for town. Dad was mad at first but the fact they had the baby after they turned 18 he wasn’t too mad. I think his main concern was that they wouldn’t finish school which of course they did and then they wouldn’t be able to afford their home, but Jupiter took only two days off to see his daughter before going back. He spends the weekends planning their wedding and taking his family on special trips. Dad also loves his first grandchild to bits.

Saff turned 18 a couple of months after me and Jue, he went off to work at the library which made me glad I knew how much he loved those old books, he’s currently reading the Count of Monte Cristo, he wants to read all the classics we have in the databanks.  Of course we’ve still got some of the old school books too but the databanks hold so much more, and he has full access to them as a librarian.  He’s lent me some of his favorites but I can only read them at the house as he’s the only one supposed to read from the databanks without clearance.  You only get clearance for job related items, so Saff has access to everything whereas I get fire truck manuals etc.

As for me and Saff we’ve been taking it nice and slow and I love him more and more each time I see him.  We don’t live together yet.

And why is that?

Did I mention Tempest talks now?

Yeah you did, don’t dodge the question.

“Some days I hate you.”

You know thats not true.

“I know.”

We’re waiting!

“Alright, you know it’s my fault, we’ve not…. ummm”

Gone all the way.

“Yeah thats a good way to say it, we’ve not gone all the way yet.”

And why is that?

“Oh come on!”

No you come on, why haven’t you two done the deed after a year, you know your readers will want to know.

“Fine, it’s me alright, I can’t seem to… I don’t know alright!  It’s never been the right time.”

That’s just an excuse and you know it.

“Get off my page you.”

You know I won’t.


Are you a dog now?

“Shut up.”

Answer the question and I’ll think about it.

“Fine!  I’m scared, what if being with a ghost doesn’t work, what if it’s not right, what if he hates it?  I’d never see him again and you know there’s no birth control here what if I got pregnant and he wasn’t about.  I’m terrified ok.”

But you two have made out.

“Well yeah plenty.”

But you stop it going any further right.


I think you should either tell him or try it you know.

“I’m scared.”

I know but how do you think he feels by now?

“Why do you have to make sense of my insecurities?”

Because if I don’t no one else will.

“Alright, fine, I’ll talk to him tonight, can I go back to typing now?”

No go get changed and tell them about tonight at the end of the post.

“You are so bossy.”

And you love me.

“Yeah I do.  Bossy, lovely, great but I love you.  Why is that?”

Go and get dressed!

That night as it turned out was the first night Sapphire stayed over.  We had just been out for dinner and walked all the way up the crater home, we had been talking the whole way about everything really, his work, my work, Jupiter having a kid so young, joking about if Georgia (who I had avoided since the dance quite successfully) would do her duty and have at least one child (as per Lunar Lakes rules for every resident to keep population numbers in check) or if she would defy the rules like all the other times and end up being forced into it.  My fears of her becoming a ghost hunter thankfully were unfounded, instead she headed for a career in politics, which scared me just as much if I’m honest.

We got back to the house and he went to kiss me goodnight, ready to go home straight after,  as it was so late but something about the good evening we had and the “talk” with Tempest earlier had made everything so much more intense and we ended up making out, which wasn’t the first time of course, but this time we didn’t stop.  It was great and Saff said it was the best night of his life.  I guess my worries were unfounded after all.  I knew I would never be able to tell him why we had waited so long but I think the relief on my face after he said it was the best night of my life said it all and he couldn’t help hugging, kissing and complimenting me, like he knew.  Which made me feel worse for holding out on him, but that was a thing of the past now.  We went all the way a couple of times that night before eventually falling asleep due to exhaustion.

After a week of Saff staying over I invited him to live with me.