1.4 Dance Woes

So I left you when me and Saff dancing close to a slow song.  This I am very sorry to say did not last long, we danced around the room a little and Georgia who had been watching and listening decided that she’d had enough of listening to our lives, which of course was none of her business but you know Georgia she felt it was.

She came walking over to us, “So the two love birds finally realise they love each other, how quaint.”

We pulled apart and I just looked at Georgia, “What’s it got to do with you?”  I asked her hating her for ruining our night.

“Oh nothing, after all who cares if all the good ones fall for the freaks.”  Well that set Sapphire on edge next to me, I could feel the anger pulsing through him for a) ruining our moment and b) calling me a freak.

“I know your her sister and all but who do you think you are?  What do you care what she gets up to?”

Georgia looked at him as if he had boils all over his face, pretty much how she looks at me really and that got me fired up.  He had done nothing wrong but defend me.  “I care when the Sky kids take all the good ones, when they take the good jobs…”

“Oh please Georgia,” I couldn’t let her continue.  “You make it out that we ruined your life, you did this to yourself, your here with the Benton’s boy so it’s not like you don’t have a date or any friends.  You have used your hate against me and Jue,” who by the way was behind me now having heard Georgia go mental, “as a crutch.  We never hurt you or treated you unfairly, we just were unfortunate enough to have the same mother a long time ago who you still know very well and ignores you.”

“Oh sweet innocent little ghost girl makes it sound like I’m the one who is insane, but you and that brother of yours…”

“Ours, that brother of ours.”  I corrected her.

“Whatever, you and him decided to remain like this, and thus have taken all the attention away from anyone else, you walk into a room and everyone turns, if you had changed like mum had, you wouldn’t be seen as the best thing since sliced bread.”

“So that’s it your jealous, you don’t like the fact that the name Sky means something in this town, after all our great grandparents were part of the original crew that landed here, our grandparents helped give us the electric and power we use now, but what have your parents ever done for this place?  Oh yeah your dad serves food, and your mum works at the spa.”

“Irrelevant, the Sky’s mean nothing like that to me, they mean pain and misery.”

“A pain and misery that have nothing to do with us.  Why don’t you just leave us be?”  Jupiter had had enough of standing there, he had to speak up.

She looked like she had had enough of his reasonable behavior and went to punch him, but he was behind me so she hit me instead.  At this point the whole room stopped, that is anyone who hadn’t stopped already to listen to us of course.  It hurt, she got me right between the cheek and the ear I was about to hit back and I could feel Saff and Jue around me moving in clearly not pleased about me being punched.  However none of us hurt Georgia as the chaperone’s stepped in.

The chaperone’s were Cassie and Limerick  and that was the last straw for them.  They did later say they only didn’t get involved earlier cause we were all family including them and that they didn’t want to look like they were taking sides, Georgia hitting me though got her a one way ticket out of the building.  She was walked out of the building with her date Jax trailing behind her not sure where to put his face or his feet from what I could see.

It took a few minutes but everything returned to normal for everyone but me and Sapphire, its not like we didn’t go back to dancing or anything but things were tense after that, no matter how many soft drinks we had or slow close wonderful dances we had together I could still feel my face stinging and my hearing wasn’t amazing anymore.  Saff kept touching my sore face in a tender way which re leaved the  tenderness and the strangeness that was now between us again.

Before we knew it the dance was over and Jupiter had checked on me three times before leaving to take Chrissie back to her house and me and Sapphire had headed on home.

As we approached the house, Saff pulled me to one side, “Thy I know you and Georgia don’t get along but what she did was uncalled for.”  I really didn’t want to talk about Georgia on what could have been an incredible night without her butting in.  My sore face was just an added insult to our lost night, so I just nodded.

“I don’t want her to ruin anything.”

“What is there to ruin?”  That I didn’t get, my face would feel better in a day or two and me and Saff could go fishing and maybe arrange another date.

“So does that mean you could be interested in another date.”

“Yeah she can’t stop me from going out with anyone, her vendetta is hers alone.  It’s not ours even if she thinks it is.”

“Well then,” he stopped me from walking and turned me to face him.  “I have a proposition.  If your willing to date me and I’m trying to be clear here, seeing as we’ve been unsure of each other recently,” I felt so bad for him he was trying to say something but make it clear I just wanted to hug it out of him.  I think he saw that in me, “oh I’m doing this all wrong.”

“Come on you can say it, I’m listening and if we’re not sure from now on I think we should agree to ask each other.”  He smiled as if I had said the right thing which really made me happy.

“Thyone will you be my….” I smiled at him, “my girlfriend?”

I stood there just a little surprised, this morning I didn’t know if this was a date or not and didn’t want to screw up our friendship, then I got a punch to the face and now I have a boyfriend?!!?  How does this happen all in one day?

“Yes, Saff I would love to be your girlfriend.”


“You have no idea how much I do.”  I was thinking about kissing him then and all the fun we’ve had that could only get better now we knew we wanted to be together.  Of course it was in that moment he kissed me and I went to cloud nine.  Seriously how does this happen?