1.3 Formal Dance

I eventually stopped worrying about Georgia maybe being a ghost hunter, although its still a scary thought.  Mostly it was cause everyone was talking now about the formal dance.  Even Saff was talking about it and I never took him for the formal dancing type.  Which is why of course I was surprised when he went all shy when talking about it one day.


“Yes Saff.”  He  started to look at the floor like he didn’t know how he wanted to say something, something I could tell had played on his mind a bit.  “Come on spit it out, it can’t be that bad.”  Hoping that would help him out, of course I was wrong it only made him blush more.

“Well umm… you know how the dance is coming up?”

I have to say I was getting a little sick of people mentioning the dance, I was all for it don’t get me wrong but I didn’t have a date and I didn’t expect a date from anyone in the class as I only knew a couple of people well.  I think Georgia scared any of the other boys in class off of me.  I don’t know why or care how really, they obviously weren’t worth my time if they listened to Georgia.

“Yeah, I know.”

Clearly hearing the despair at no date in my voice Saff struggled to continue, moving his foot around like it was the hardest question he would ever ask.  Then really quietly he said, “will you go with me as my date?”

I really didn’t hear him and had to ask him again to say that so instead he said it as one word, “willyougowithmeasmydate?”  I tried to deconstruct what he said as he had said it louder but I really couldn’t make any sense of it, he saw me struggling and I think he thought I was trying to find a way to say no as his face dropped.  I swear I really was struggling with hearing him right, and then I realised what he had asked and I looked at him all sad and distraught.

“Really?  You want me to go with you?”

He perked up like he realised I may not have understood him and wasn’t flat out refusing him.  “Yeah Thy, why not?  We spend so much time together and the other girls in the class are boring, your amazing, you make them all look even more bland and your not even aware of the presence you have around people.”

Well I didn’t know what to say to all of that, I’m amazing, no that can’t be right.  I liked the idea of going with Saff so I said yes!  You should have seen his face he was smiling and on cloud nine for the rest of the day.

It got alot easier to hear people talking about the dance after I agreed to go with Saff I got really excited about it too.  Mum agreed to take me dress shopping and we had food after.  I couldn’t wait for the dance now and showing my dress to Saff he would love it.  Of course as it got closer and closer to the dance and I thought about his words I couldn’t tell if we were going as friends or dates.  Right now I can’t be sure which one I would prefer as I love him as a friend, and I didn’t want to ruin that thinking that with thoughts of dates so I’ve refrained from letting my mind wander that way.  I also thought it may be why the other guys in class left me alone, if they thought I was taken I could see why they never came forward now.

Before I knew it though it was the night of the dance and as I put the dress on and turned around for the 700th time I couldn’t help but think about Saff and kissing him, I knew I shouldn’t how awful would it be if he didn’t feel that way about me too.  Mum shouted Saff was here from downstairs, as I descended the stairs I could hear dad giving Saff the third degree.   Of course that made no sense to me as Saff was always here, he was practically family, alright he was family but not in a close kind of way.  Dad winked at me from afar though so I knew he was just having some fun, I guess as a cop you have to get your kicks wherever you can.  I tried hard not to laugh as Saff sat looking mortified that dad was being like this.

We finally left after mum and dad insisted on photos of us.  Jue wasn’t there as he had gone to pick Chrissie up and was most likely having the same pictures taken there.   They had of course taken a dozen photos of him before he left.  Puck and Lyra who hadn’t long turned 14 watched from afar.  Lyra told me upstairs I was beautiful and she couldn’t wait for her dance, and Puck told dad after we left he would hurt Saff if he upset me.  It’s so fun and annoying being from a large family who actually care for each other, it’s quite a rarity in Lunar Lakes.  But according to mum and Sapp that’s just Lunar Lakes, your world and their towns actually care about their families which explains mum not wanting to leave Obi and Cassie when she walked away after their birth.

The place of the dance wasn’t the school it was a club the school was given permission to use for the night, non alcoholic drinks were supposed to be allowed only but everyone had been talking about smuggling in real alchol, I didn’t care about any of that really just having fun.  I was turning 18 soon so this would be my only formal and I wanted to enjoy it before I headed off to the fire station  and a new life.

As we entered I couldn’t help but think it was lovely, I practically dragged Saff onto the dance floor, I knew he could dance even though he protested as thats how I first met him, dancing at mum and dads wedding.  Once I got him there he seemed to finally loosen up and be like the normal Saff I had gotten to know.  Dad really scared him, I did try and tell him he was just playing around, but Saff  wouldn’t hear it.  Although he seemed to have relaxed he still appeared to be struggling with something on his mind.  If I hadn’t have known him for so well for so long I don’t think I would have been aware of it.

“Saff are you ok?”  He looked at me as if I had read his mind.  I pulled him to one side so we could get out of the way of the other dancers.  “You seem preoccupied.”  This was his idea after all, I didn’t want to go stag but I would have if no one had asked me.

“Yeah your dad really got me thinking.”

Somehow I knew it wasn’t just that but I said again, “Saff he was playing around I saw him wink at me as I came down the stairs.  He was playing you.”

“But maybe…”

“Maybe what Saff?”  I knew whatever it was was on the tip of his tongue but he just couldn’t say it.  It was almost like when he asked me to come here with him.

“Thyone, ” now that had to be bad, he never called me by my full name, “you know I like you right?”

“Sure your my best friend.”  Or did he mean more so?  No thats just me misinterpreting things again.

“Yeah,” he really sounded disheartened suddenly, “best friends.”   What was he trying to say?!

“Look Sapphire, I know somethings going on with you, can you just tell me already?”  I’d had enough of his inability to explain when I knew something was bothering him.

“It’s just well I didn’t ask you here as best friends…. I….”

“Oh my this was a date.”  The shock on my face, coupled with joy and such, I swear he didn’t know how to take my reaction.  “I wasn’t sure, when you asked I didn’t get if it was a date or just mates going to a dance.”  Sapphire looked like he wanted to say something but was scared.   I had to put him out of his misery.  “Saff I’m happy its a date.”   Suddenly the biggest sigh came out of him and a  grin covered his face.

“I thought in that moment you were going to say why would you think it’s a date, leave me alone or something.”

“Are you kidding for the last two weeks I’ve not been sure if it’s been a date or not, and I didn’t want to say anything encase I said the wrong thing.”  A wave of relief shot over me, now I knew, we were on a date.

He touched my hand, “Now we know can we dance the worries away please?”

I took his hand in mine,  and led him to the dance floor, it was a slow number so I held on and we moved closer together and let the song lead us.