1.2 Careers Day

Not long after the wedding life returned to normal.  Oberon and Cassie moved out shortly after turning 18, taking Tora and Cairo with them (Jae’s babes).  They both live in the crater here with us, in fact no one else lives in the crater but us Sky’s and I’ve already picked my home out for when I move out, its by the water in the next crater along.

I seem to see Sapphire everywhere now, he’s transfered to our school from the one in his old village of Moonlight Falls, he says he prefers to be around us not just for being near mum but also supernaturals, he says there’s loads in the falls.  I get the feeling he misses it but his parents wanted a change and to be near family again.  Mum’s family is in the next village over, Lucky Palms.  We’re in Lunar Lakes, everywhere nearby really has a lake or falls or water theme really, well except where mum’s from Lucky Palms hasn’t got water in the name but she says there is water nearby.

Sometimes I wonder what the old home was like.  Dad’s been blessed with the knowledge of all our ancestors and so he describes it sometimes but I don’t think I could ever really understand what Sunset Valley or Bridgeport look like.  I often wonder if I could go back and have a look but dad says I need to finish school first.   He also says that it’s unlikely I’d be welcome there being a ghost and all and when I think of Georgia’s behavior towards me and Jue I reconsider.  I would like to see these places though.  I’ve talked to Peg and he says he may be able to bless me too so I know about these places but he won’t do it without dads permission and dad has once again said I need to finish school first.

I haven’t really seen Georgia around too much unless it’s in class.  I’ve spent more time here in the crater with Sapphire really.   He’s been teaching me to fish but the springs don’t often have many fish.  We spend quite a bit of time taking  Tempest out for long walks letting her get used to the area.  She’s was cooped up in the house for the first six weeks of her life it was good to get her out and let her explore.  She’s still a baby and will be for awhile, dad says something about them having a fairly long life, something else his mum and dad did for Jae.

In a way Sapphire has replaced Jue  in my life, me and Jue used to do everything together and now he has Chrissie in his life he spends alot of his time down in the town with her on dates and such.  I don’t know if I feel that way about Sapphire but I’m glad he’s here, without Jue life has been a little lonely.  We always did everything together especially as outside of our family we’re not fully shunned but we can sometimes get stares and blatantly ignored by the ignorant townies.  It’s nice to have someone else around and they don’t mind me being a ghost and choosing to stay this way.

Of course I do still see Georgia from time to time, even if its not as often as it used to be.  Most notably when me and dad  were out doing the food shop last week.  She started scowling from afar, she was with real mum so she just did her normal thing of ignoring me.  Dad though was great, he told me to not think about it, they weren’t worth it.  He got me and Jue out of the deal with real mum and didn’t regret it I shouldn’t either.  Life even as a ghost is a life not be wasted by hate.  You know what though he’s right.

This week is career week, according to Obi and Cassie they make a big deal of it every time the current class approaches 18.  With Lunar Lakes still being relatively new they try and stress useful jobs, like dad is a cop, his parents were scientists and his parents who crash landed here were astronauts.  Cassie has gone on to be a school teacher, she’s training now actually with extra classes, something you would probably refer to as college or teacher training.  Obi has followed dad into law enforcement.  Jue is on about being a scientist like dads parents.  Me well I’m thinking about being a fire fighter.

I like the idea of helping people.  I’m pretty well known in town now so it’s not like people will be terrified of me saving them from their fires.  I kind of like the idea, cause I can’t really die, not before old age finally gets me and I’m probably the safest person to send into a fire, after all technically I’m already dead.   Saff has been talking about being a librarian.  He loves the books we have, they have books in Moonlight Falls of course but really they are based on their supernatural history and stuff.  Ours has Shakespeare and Dickens and he loves all of that stuff.  I would rather read the books in Moonlight Falls if I’m honest though.

The worry I have is that Georgia may choose to become a ghost hunter or something equally bad.  Lets hope not as she’s scary enough without hunting me down for being who I am.  Not long now though and there may be a formal dance, they missed it out last year but they think this year they may just have one.  I hope so cause it’s not long before me and Jue are 18 now.