1.1 A wedding

Hi there again, things have been pretty hectic here.  First off, the lovely Jae behind me has given birth to four babies.  I call them babies as she’s not really a dog like the town thinks, so I can’t call them pups, she’s a tiger from the old days.  Since grandparent of old Devlin the family has almost always had a tame tiger in the family and to get Jae’s grandparents on the ship dads grandparents passed them off as dogs and we’ve kept up pretenses.  She won’t tell us who the dad is but it doesn’t matter the babes all look like her with some assortment of course.

Dad decided all of us teenagers can have one.  I named mine Tempest, she’s very much like her mother in looks and in spirit.   Puck and Lyra are upset they haven’t got one but Jae has promised to try and get pregnant again for them before she gets too old to bear… Oh I should probably mention to those who haven’t read dads page, Jae can talk, his parents were scientists and they well they unlocked the ability for her to talk and look after dad.   I have no idea how, but it does seem kind of brilliant.  The babes are too young we’re not quite sure yet if they have Jae’s abilities or not but dad think they may have.

That evening mum had herself a bachelorette party and invited her best mate Limerick, and some girls from work round, Limerick is Puck and Lyra’s birth mum.  She comes round every now and then and takes them to the park you know seeing as they are young enough to enjoy that sort of thing.  Puck is alot like her actually, they are both part imaginary friend so he loves his visits from his mum.

The best bit about mum having a bachlorette party was that me and Cassie were invited.  We weren’t allowed to take part in the drinking but we got to have fun anyway.  This is how cool mum is she’s got the opportunity to have booze and have a private night with the girls but instead she pillow fights with me in between spraying bottles of bubbly all over  Limerick.

And Cassie danced the night away with the girls, she had a great time.

In town Jue was having the time of his life actually, he was out on a date with the Landgraab girl.  Chrissie I think is her name, she looks alot like the other Landgraabs that live with her.  I have to admit I couldn’t believe that she was that into him, I know they have been staring at each other longingly at school but I never expected her to really be into him as she seems friendly with Georgia, our half sister.  She agreed to being his girlfriend though so I must have been wrong about her.

Of course being our sister Georgia couldn’t let Jupiter have an evening to himself.  I don’t know how she knew he was there but almost the second Chrissie left to get home before the non adult curfew Georgia was there shouting at Jue.

Georgia comes running up to Jupiter, “What are you doing with my friend, you, you ?”

Unsure whether or not to believe Georgia’s behavior anymore Jupiter lost it a little.  “You what?  Ghost?  Brother?!” Unable to believe her behavior sometimes he asked, “Have you forgotten our mother was a ghost too.”

“No that was in another life before she had me.”  It was almost as if she had been slapped reminded that real mum was a ghost before.

“Yet she had me and Thy only a couple of years before.  Seriously what is your issue?”  It was like slapping her in the face she hated the fact she’s our sister.

“Thats besides the point she changed and you two remained the same.”

“So you would like us if we weren’t ghosts anymore. Is that what your saying?”

Unable to handle Jue being reasonable, “Why do you have to try and be all reasonable about this, your a ghost thats not reasonable, thats not even normal.”

Jupiter sick of this argument, “What’s normal?  I mean come on tell me what is normal.”

“Normal is…. normal is not you!”  She looked so self righteous, so sure of herself and it was Jue’s turn to look slapped.

“Are you having me on?”

“No why do you have to insist on remaining undead?  That supernatural stuff isn’t right.”

“Yet aliens and stuff are?”

“We’re on their planet so we have to accept them even if they aren’t normal looking either.”

“There’s just no reasoning with you Georgia, I’m going home now.”  As he walked away he said, “There are things that really go bump in the night yet you give me and Thy grief, get a life.”

As morning dawned and I gave Peg his breakfast I couldn’t help but think what would she be like if she knew about our magic passed on from the grandparents of old or the fact we are bringing up a unicorn.  Peg hid his horn from real mum so she never realised about all the magic on the property, pretty smart of him and dad really cause if Georgia knew about that I have no idea what she would do.  She clearly doesn’t like the supernatural which the Sky’s have been as far back as we have documented.

I didn’t have too long to think about Georgia and her craziness.  As the day progressed so did Limerick’s headache.  Mum got her really good with the bubbly.  I think she sprayed her about 4 times.  Of course this means it’s mum and dads wedding day too.  So we all headed off to the lakes.

Mum and dad were married, she looked great.

As the night approached mum and dad had their first dance, after dad clapped his hands and lights appeared so we could all join in.

That was the night I met Sapphire, he’s related to mum pretty distantly and he’s a good laugh.  We did alot of dancing as the night progressed and I have to admit I probably spent the whole night with him as he was really just that much fun to be near.

I didn’t realise till much later that mum and dad were watching from a distance approving of our getting along.  But when Jae approached she let me know she thought we were a cute couple.  I hadn’t thought about him that way I was enjoying myself too much but I guess we were.

Of course the next day I had to come back to reality, in the computer library I could hear Georgia and Chrissie behind me talking.

“Yeah I went to the wedding what of it, I like Jupiter sue me, besides it was a magical night.  I mean like really magical.”  Chrissie said clearly with stars in her eyes from dads light show.

“There’s something about those Sky’s I just don’t like.”  I really didn’t like that voice of hers like that.

“Aren’t you related to them?”

Georgia made a sort of ugh noise, “Don’t remind me.”  I could clearly hear the distaste in her voice.  

She really did hate us and had done for as long as I could remember, but I wish Chrissie would watch the words she uses.  After all the last person I want finding out we’re witches and wizards is Georgia.

Hey guys, Spider here, for those of you who haven’t yet read the other Sky stories I recommend heading over to the Grandparent’s of old page.  If you have any interest in any of the tales there you can either click on their name (if it’s clickable) at the start of the paragraph or ask me anything for clarification.  I highly recommend reading Thyone’s dad’s (Houston) story that was ended after only four babies born it had only 12 chapters (alot shorter than this one) in and is very easy to catch up on.  Mostly I recommend it as it relates to alot of stuff that is here but briefly mentioned.