1.0 Prologue

Hi there, my name is Thyone, I’m named after a moon rotating Jupiter, but most call me Thy which is pronounced Thee as in the beginning of my name, not as in some old word used in the Shakespearian days.

I’m writing to you from the future.  My dad tried it before and everything went really bad for him, he couldn’t bring himself to do it anymore, so here I am starting my own story.  You can read about my dad on the brief history page.  I’ll also reference my grandparents of old from time to time, you can find a page giving their brief tales at the top too.

How did dad know how to start his?  I really don’t know what to say to you guys so I’m just going to jump right in and hope it makes sense.

This is my real mum and she hates me and acts as if me and my twin Jupiter don’t exist.  I never understood why, I was born into such a loving home I never understood why my mum wasn’t around.  Of course dad did eventually tell me and Jue that he was tasked with having 100 kids but the women on Lunar Lakes don’t tend to like kids, they see them to be bugs, which is an accurate description of how real mum sees me, in fact she only birthed us for a chance at a second life.  But almost straight after we were born he started having problems with mothers bearing his children.  The first mother that had a stillborn child was lucky enough to not have to birth it.  Dad tried again and had stillborn twins.  Determined to do what was asked of him by our family protector dad tried again with Limerick and got Puck and Lyra.  Everything went downhill for him after that, mum was the only one that could sooth him as he tried over and over again.  Six mothers later he pleaded with Pegasus to let him stop doing this to the poor innocent women.  We don’t know what did it.  It could be the activation of his dormant genie gene (a gene from the grandparents of old), something Domino kick started in him so he could live long enough to bear and care for his children, it could be that it was just never meant to be.  We just don’t know.

Dad waited till me and Jue were teens, when  he knew he was over the heartache he had caused those  eight women, he finally proposed to mum.  She was over the moon I think secretly she had given up on the chances of him asking her, but he did it and they are going to be married very soon.  Of course I call Constance mum and you don’t know why, she is like a real mother, she cares about us, all of us, even though me, Jue, Puck and Lyra aren’t hers.  It’s irrelevant to her.  Of course that brings me back to my real mum.  So as I was saying she hates me, she’s human again, she met Arthur my step dad I guess and he found her some ambrosia to bring her back to the real world.

Since then they have had a daughter, my half sister Georgia, she hates me too.  I don’t know what I ever did to her, I can always remember from the earliest days that she used to stare at me and Jue from across the room, maybe its the fact we’re in a happy nuclear family and I know real mum ignores her, maybe it’s cause I’ve chosen to stay as a ghost and so has Jue.  It can’t be that I’m a witch or a genie as no one in town knows that.

Here’s what I do know I have half a family that I love and adore, and that adore me back, and I have another half of a family that hate my guts that want me to die, which of course is hard to do seeing as I was born a ghost, but what I do know is that from here on in my future and that of my children and my children’s children is bound to be determined by the way this family craziness plays out.